Holiday Incentives

Corporate Prepaid Holiday Gift Guide

A guide to making the most out of the holiday season.

Check out our 2018 Corporate Holiday Gift Guide to see how DCR Strategies can help you win the season with innovative incentives that make an impact.

What You'll Learn:

To help you make the most of every moment this season, we’ve put together a guide packed with incentive ideas, data, and research to help boost employee effectiveness, as well as engaging client incentive programs that are perfect for the holidays.

Not sure that you’ll get enough of a return to justify implementing an incentive program? Did you know that annual revenue increases are 3x higher in companies that use an additional incentive? Find out how to keep your staff happy this holiday season by recognizing the contributions they make to your organization!

What's Inside:
  • Key consumer trends to look for this holiday season
  • How to take advantage of big spending days like Cyber Monday II
  • A closer look at effective incentives for employees and customers during the holidays
  • Tips for making the most of your holiday promotion and incentive campaigns